Internet Guidelines

Vista Health Products LLC

Marketing & Internet Guidelines


If you are interested in developing or creating your own official Vista Health Products Website, contact the company. Vista Health Products can provide you with a high-quality, secure and easy-to-use Personal Website for a nominal monthly fee. You can be assured that your Personal Website will be updated with the latest promotions, products and information.


1) When advertising, refrain from making any inappropriate claims about Vista Health Products, products including the mention of historical uses of herbs. An example of an inappropriate claim would be: "Vista Health Products Immune Protect will help alleviate the flu." Instead, you may discuss the product as it relates to the system or organ of a person's body. An example of a lawful statement of nutritional support would be "Vista Health Products Immune Protect promotes healthy immune functions which may help you to get sick less often."

2) When advertising, refrain from practicing medicine by diagnosing a person with a specific disease and then prescribing products for that specific disease. If a client with a specific ailment requests assistance selecting dietary supplements, please refer him/her only to a product that may nutritionally support or aid a system or organ of his/her body. Do not attempt to treat the disease. In addition, refer clients with self-diagnosed diseases to a licensed medical practitioner. Never indicate to a client that he/she should discontinue the services or medications of a doctor if that person is considering natural alternative remedies. The person alone should make the decision with the advice of his/her medical practitioner.

3) When advertising in writing (including Internet advertising), you must prominently state that you are an Independent Associate of Vista Health Products. For Internet advertisements, this statement should be placed on the Home Page of your site. The main focus of this policy is to ensure that the recipient of the ad doesn't confuse the identity of the Independent Associate with that of Vista Health Products, the parent company.

4) Further, all Independent Associates must use the company's Independent Associate Logo, not the company's Corporate Logo. You should be aware that there is only a minor difference between the two logos. The words "Independent Associate" are typed on the logo you are allowed to use. Even so, Vista Health Products insists on usage of the correct logo to protect its mark.

5) Vista Health Products would like to maintain the integrity of its Compensation Plan. Product sales are based on "word-of-mouth" advertising. Therefore, we respectfully request that you be true to this plan in all of your advertising efforts.

6) Many Vista Health Products Associates sell both Vista Health Products and non-Vista Health Products, products on their websites. Vista Health Products should appear on a separate page from other brands to avoid confusion about what products are exclusively Vista Health Products brand. Also you should state on every page advertising Vista Health Products, products that those particular products are Vista Health Products brand.

7) When registering a domain name for your website, do not use any of Vista Health Products registered trademark names. This includes names of products and any promotions that are trademarks of Vista Health Products. Do not use a name that is confusingly similar to any of those trademarks.

8) 8) The use of the word "OFFICIAL" is prohibited in conjunction with Vista Health Products logos, trademarks and products.

9) All Associates must have approval from the company to link to Vista Health Products corporate website. When given permission to link to the corporate site, you must follow the double-click rule. This states that there must be a page between all links to the Associate's website and the corporate website that includes a paragraph with a disclaimer. Framing the corporate website is strictly prohibited.

10) When registering metatags with search engines, do not use any registered trademarks of companies who are competitors of Vista Health Products.

11) Failure of your website to maintain compliance with Vista Health Products Policies and Procedures may result in disciplinary action.